For many start-up companies, or business in the early stages of growth and development, angel investors offer a lifeline by providing capital investment in exchange for an equity ownership interest.


But no matter how exciting your idea, how much potential for growth there is in your business, or how much passion and commitment you show, finding and attracting angel investors can be extremely difficult if you don't have the right connections or access to suitable networks.


At iiD Consulting, our long and extensive experience in a wide variety of business sectors and industries means that we have an unrivalled address book when it comes to angel investors. We are able to connect you with business people who are looking to invest in all manner of businesses and start-ups, and this could be the crucial head start you need to get your enterprise up and running.


As part of our service, we also help you to write a pitch that will appeal to angels and potential strategic partners, assist you to prepare a business plan, and then show you how to take the first steps towards putting it into action. We also work with you to create a forward-looking strategy that demonstrates potential for future rounds of investment as well.


Once you have the opportunity to meet and discuss your ideas with an angel investor, that’s not the end of the process. Even the most benevolent investor takes some convincing before they are prepared to part with their cash, and so we advise you on how to prepare further detailed information that you will be expected to provide, such as how much of your own capital you will be contributing and how long you expect it to last, financial projections for the near future, what costs and overheads you expect to incur, etc.


We will also help you to devise an initial marketing strategy for the first phase of your enterprise that will demonstrate your brand and its potential, as well as practical considerations such as how much you intend to spend, who it is that you’re trying to reach, and the platforms and media that you intend to use.


It needs to be remembered that there is a high attrition rate amongst start-ups and new businesses, and so in order to attract capital from an angel investor you also need to be thoroughly prepared and able to answer a whole range of questions about your operations and structure. This will include the experience and skills of the core team, the number and type of people you will looking to bring in in the short to medium term, and how quickly you are able to scale up the scope and capabilities of your enterprise.


These are further areas in which iiD Consulting is able to provide expert advice, as our experience in raising capital for a wide variety of ventures means we understand better than most what investors are looking for in a new business, and so can work with you to fully demonstrate your potential for growth and profitability.


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