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5 Step Marketing Strategy for Every Business By iiD

Have you ever looked at a truly successful brand and wondered how they do it?

As a business or organisation, your brand and values make you who you are — your marketing
strategies are how you communicate them.
A truly successful brand has personality, with a consistent identity and a consistent voice. It is
created both through the things you can see and touch, and more intangible qualities, like the way
you engage and the experience you offer your clients and customers.
In essence, your brand is what comes into people’s minds when they think of you, and so your
marketing strategy should be designed to showcase this.

Go to where your customers are

A truly successful brand is made from many things. The images, words and colours you use. How
you talk with your customers (and those who you want to become your customers). How you share
your values and create trust.
To do this, you have to go where your new, potential and exisiting customers are too.
That’s why a successful marketing campaign needs to reach out in different directions and utilise
different media. Your customers consume media in a variety of different ways, and so your
marketing strategies need to be designed so that you can reach everyone you want to reach.

What makes a successful marketing strategy?

In today’s multi-media environment, your marketing strategies need to cover all the bases. We
have found that all of these elements are equally essential in order to create an effective marketing

1. Social Media

We all know that social media is essential for any business or enterprise, but an online marketing
strategy can come to nought if you’re not targeting your efforts in the right way.
As experienced social media managers, we understand which of the multitude of different
platforms out there will work best for you, and create content that is designed to reach the right

As part of your online marketing strategy, we not only shape your message but also use the right
channels to get it to the people you want. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat,
YouTube or Twitter, your social media marketing strategies will be tailored to create engagement
and effectively communicate your values and ideas.

2. TV and Radio

For many businesses and enterprises, the idea of running a marketing campaign on TV or radio
seems beyond them — too expensive, too complicated, too much.
Yet advertising on television and radio is (and will be for some time to come) an essential
component of any marketing strategy. And when these more established forms of advertising are
combined with the ever-growing reach of video advertising on YouTube and audio ads on
streaming and podcast services, it becomes clear just how central TV and radio ads (and their
online equivalents) are to a marketing strategy that is trying to reach as many people as possible.
We produce high quality TV, radio, video and audio marketing campaigns for all sorts of
businesses and organisations, with the added advantage of being able to use our own in-house
production and editing facilities.

3. Digital

Digital marketing campaigns come in different forms, but they all have the same purpose — to go
to the places where your customers are.
That’s why when we develop a digital marketing strategy, it takes in a variety of different media,
including billboards and signs, display screens, pop-up stands, and websites. We help you to talk
to the people you want to talk to as often as you can.

At iiD Consulting, we specialise in producing branded environments in a range of digital media, like
permanent signage, video ads for in-store screens, pop-up displays and stalls, online ads, and
much more.

4. Online

However dynamic and imaginative your marketing campaign is in its conception, creation and
execution, it won’t be doing all it can for you if it’s not getting noticed.
That’s why an essential part of any online marketing strategy is making sure that you get found.
Through our search engine optimisation services (SEO) on your website, we grow your online
visibility and presence so that more traffic comes your way, leading to greater engagement, better
communication, and more opportunities to reach your customers.

Our SEO consultants optimise your website content and structure so that it’s more visible in search
results, though using keywords and industry specific phrases effectively, ensuring your page titles
and descriptions help Google to know what you’re about, and making your images integral to your
site’s SEO as well.

We also create and implement pay-per- click (PPC) marketing campaigns on Google AdWords,
including display ads and search ads, as well as re-marketing campaigns (also known as re-
targeting) that make sure once someone has visited your website, they don’t forget about you.


5. Traditional

Despite all the new avenues we have for creating engagement, what might be called a traditional
marketing campaign still has a crucial role to play in any modern strategy.
Never underestimate the power that media like posters, flyers, brochures and business cards still
hold. Don’t neglect the impact branded products and clothing can have in sharing your message.
We have a specialist in-house design team who can work wth you to create a wide variety of
design solutions to enhance your marketing strategies, like designs for print ads, poster and flyer
design, guerrilla marketing campaigns, branded products and much more.

iiD Marketing Strategies

iiD Consulting is unique, because we help you to imagine, create and refine your marketing
strategy, from first concepts to finally unleashing you on the world. And we do it all under the one

Specialising in brand management and marketing strategies for both the digital and traditional
spaces, our in-house creative team is geared up to take care of everything that goes into creating a
successful brand for your business or organisation.