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We are a creative, versatile and highly accomplished Adelaide digital content and marketing agency, supporting businesses and organisations of all types to develop digital strategies and marketing campaigns that raise online engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) enables you to enhance your online visibility, gain more traffic and increase engagement with your users. This is achieved through optimising your site’s content and structure so that it performs better in organic search engine results. For new websites in particular, SEO is essential — if your new site can't be found, searchers can’t become clients and customers.


As part of our service, when we build and create content for your new website one of our Adelaide search engine optimisation specialists will conduct research on keywords and industry specific phrases, create effective meta titles and meta descriptions for each page, and submit site maps and robot files to search engines. In this way, we ensure that the content on your site matches what searchers are looking for, and that each page is performing to its full potential in search results.


Alternatively, it may be the case that your current website isn’t performing as well as it might. A search engine optimisation consultant can review your content, page titles and site maps, and then revise and improve these so that your site ranks better in search results, meaning more users come your way.


Even well-established websites, where existing pages already rank well, benefit from ongoing SEO as they grow and develop in response to changing markets and user needs — new or updated content still needs to be discovered. A SEO expert can conduct an assessment and analysis of your site’s performance and help you to boost your blog or other pages on your site.


However, it’s always important to remember that successful search engine optimisation also requires quality, relevant and engaging content along with well-planned and executed web design. Successful sites are ultimately those that attract users and keep them there by providing the information and services that they are searching for.  

Google AdWords

Google AdWords and re-marketing campaigns are highly effective ways of increasing your site’s visibility and increasing traffic. This is because they are targeted at users searching for similar products to those you offer, or for services in your location. However, running a successful Google AdWords campaign requires significant research and planning, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring.


There are several form that the ads displayed on Google take. There are listing ads that appear on search results pages; display ads, which are larger ads that incorporate both images and texts, and appear on a variety of websites configured to show advertising; and re-marketing ads, which are designed to further engage visitors who have previously visited your website or associated social media platforms.


As the style and reach of these different ad types differ, so too do the associated costs. Google campaigns run on a pay-per-click basis where you are charged each time a searcher clicks one of your ads. However, the price you pay for each click also depends on how competitive the market is and how many others are out there also trying to get the attention of the same searchers.


As part of our online and digital marketing packages, we undertake the management of your Google campaign, and cover all aspects from keyword research, to defining target audiences and strategy, to understanding what your competitors operating in the same space are doing. We tailor your campaign so that is aligned with your target audience’s demographics and location, and create a variety of ad styles that appeal to different types of searchers.


Business Information Maintenance (Google)

A Google My Business page is a highly effective way of improving your ranking in searches, your visibility on Google maps, and across the Google+ network. As part of our online marketing services, we undertake the updating and maintenance of the information on your Google My Business page so that it is always up to date and relevant. We source and organise images, solicit reviews, and regularly post news and information about your business or organisation so that Google always has the most complete picture of who you are and what you can offer to searchers.


If there are specific industry-related third party or listing sites on which you appear, or would like to be included, we can manage the updating and maintenance of these on your behalf as well.